Equity4Keeps is an Xgains4keeps programme; with Equity4Keeps you will be able to secure some Equity(Shares) from Xgains4keeps. Equity4keeps is an intangible asset monetization programme.

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Xgains4keeps is the issuer of these 10,000 shares for the Equity4Keeps Programme. Xgains4keeps can change the number of shares to be issued to you at anytime without notice. In future the issuer may not be Xgains4keeps. The equity on issue may also change from Shares to Option Contracts or Other Exchange Traded Instruments.

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Equity4keeps Opinion Snapshots

IntercontinentalExchange (ICE).

Analysts say that this Exchange is currently seeing a combination of good and not so good outcomes meaning that some parts of the Exchange are looking up and some are not really doing so. ICE runs the leading market place for electronically traded global futures and commodity contracts of any kind, if you have traded option contracts your order may have been place through it. They reiterated their previous rating and raise their estimates, nineteen analysts follow ICE and their average recommendation is Moderate Buy and out of that eleven hold Strong Buy recommendations. Investors are not betting against this company as they hold just 1.58% of it's outstanding stocks in margins. ICE's Put-Call ratio stands at 0.52 implying greater preference for Calls and also indicating optimism towards the equity. We would love to see more scepticism toward ICE in the from Short ratios and Put-Call ratios before we put our money on this equity, this is where we stand at this time.


This company is a science and engineering company that provides solutions in health, critical infrastructure, denfense and national security in the U.S and the world as well. According to analysts revenue grew by 7% for the last quarter compared to what it was last year and also quoted that the company is not expecting a flurry of contracts from the U.S government in the near term. As such the analysts lowered their earnings estimates forecast for SAI and downgraded it shares, but even at that the average recommendation from all the fifteen analysts following it is still a Moderate Buy. Investors hold 4.59 of the company's shares in a short position; though some scepticism but not enough for us here at Xgains4keeps Inc, at the same time we can also a Put-Call ratio of 1.95 which is a hefty scepticism from investors. So for us we think that with time the short ratio will grow up to five to seven percent or even more going by the Put-Call ratio. We will keep our watch on SAI and see how it will ride out.

Unilever (UN).

UN is a very large consumer products company and also one of the largest in the world, their brands and products are hugely popular around the world, they are also the largest seller of packet tea in the world. Analysts pointed out sometime in the past that they believe UN's shares will benefit from the current inclination of investors towards companies that are doing business in emerging markets and UN happens to be a major player. They predict that sales this quarter will be up by 4.3% and raised it rating to a Buy from Neutral in the light of all that has been noted and possibly more. It's short ratio is 1.13 and the Short Interest is 0.1% as at November 15th 2018 all these do not support what the analysts pointed out about investors above, this of course does not mean that what they noted will not happen. Its just that if UN had a substantial short ratio coupled with the preference for Call options then we can say that there is alot of more money in the stock and that will be in line with their assertion. Indeed UN may see a boost from investors based on the reason noted above, but it is not an interest play for us, we want to see more scepticism towards it.

BlackRock Inc (BLK).

It offers a variety of investment products to institutional and individual investors alike globally and it is one of the largest investment management firms in the United States. BlackRock provides a range of investment and risk management services to institutional and retail clients worldwide. Its diverse platform of active (alpha) and index (beta) investment strategies across asset classes enables the Company to tailor investment outcomes and asset allocation solutions for clients. Its product offerings include single- and multi-asset portfolios investing in equities, fixed income, alternatives and money market instruments. Its products are offered directly and through intermediaries in a range of vehicles, including open-end and closed-end mutual funds, iShares exchange-traded funds (ETFs), separate accounts, collective investment funds and other pooled investment vehicles. It offers its Aladdin investment system, as well as risk management, outsourcing, advisory and technology services, to institutional investors and wealth management intermediaries under the BlackRock Solutions name. It spots a Put/Call Ratio(1 Day) of 1.3 and Put/Call Ratio(30 Day) of 2.0.
As at December 12th 2018 it Share Overview is
Market Capitalization(Issue-level, Large Cap)-$68.6B
Market Capitalization(Company-level, Large Cap)-$68.6B
Enterprise Value-$67.7B
Shares Outstanding-157.7M
Shares Held By Institutions-81%
Short Interest (as of 11/15/2018)-1.0%.

Global Payments (GPN).

Global Payments Inc. is a provider of payment technology services. The Company provides payment and digital commerce solutions. The Company operates through three segments: North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. The Company's segments primarily provide payment solutions for credit cards, debit cards, electronic payments and check-related services. The Company's segments target customers in various industries, including financial services, gaming, government, healthcare, professional services, restaurants, retail, universities, not-for-profit organizations and utilities. It provides services across a range of channels to merchants and partners in over 30 countries throughout North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and Brazil. The Company performs a series of services, including authorization, electronic draft capture, file transfers to facilitate funds settlement and certain exception-based, back office support services, such as chargeback and retrieval resolution. The Share Overview is as follows:
Market Capitalization(Issue-level, Mid Cap)-$17.8B
Market Capitalization(Company-level, Mid Cap)-$17.8B
Enterprise Value-$22.5B
Shares Outstanding-158.2M
Shares Held By Institutions-99%
Short Interest (as of 11/15/2018)-2.6%

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